How to Dress for Success in Track Cycling

Track cycling is a thrilling and fast-paced sport that requires specific apparel to enhance performance and ensure safety. Here are some tips on how to dress for success in track cycling:

  1. Cycling Jersey: Wear a form-fitting cycling jersey made from lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric. Look for a jersey with a full-length zipper to allow for ventilation during intense efforts.
  2. Cycling Shorts: Opt for padded cycling shorts that offer comfort and protection during long hours on the saddle. The padding, known as a chamois, helps reduce friction and prevent chafing. Choose shorts with a snug fit to minimize wind resistance.
  3. Cycling Shoes: Invest in cycling shoes that are specifically designed for track cycling. These shoes provide a stiff sole for maximum power transfer and often have a carbon fiber construction to keep them lightweight. Make sure they fit properly and securely attach to the pedals.
  4. Tight-Fitting Gloves: Wear tight-fitting cycling gloves that provide grip and cushioning. They not only enhance comfort but also protect your hands in case of a fall.
  5. Aerodynamic Helmet: A well-fitted aerodynamic helmet helps reduce drag and improve speed. Look for helmets specifically designed for track cycling, as they are designed to be more compact and streamlined compared to road cycling helmets.
  6. Skinsuit: Consider wearing a cycling skinsuit, which combines a jersey and shorts into a single piece of clothing. Skinsuits are form-fitting and minimize air resistance, allowing for optimal aerodynamics on the track.
  7. Eyewear: Protect your eyes from wind, debris, and UV rays by wearing cycling eyewear. Look for wraparound sunglasses with impact-resistant lenses and a comfortable fit.
  8. Track-specific Accessories: Depending on individual preference and requirements, consider track-specific accessories such as calf guards, aero shoe covers, or cycling-specific socks to enhance aerodynamics and comfort.
  9. Team Apparel (if applicable): If you’re representing a team or club, wear the designated team apparel to create a unified and professional look.
  10. Safety Considerations: While focusing on performance, don’t neglect safety. Adhere to any track regulations and wear necessary safety gear such as track cycling-specific gloves, knee or elbow pads, and a cycling-specific helmet approved for track use.

Remember, comfort, aerodynamics, and safety are essential in track cycling apparel. Select high-quality, performance-focused gear that allows for freedom of movement and contributes to better overall performance on the track.

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