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UFC 167 is just days away...

Landed in Vegas this afternoon after, amazingly, the best 5+ hr flight I have ever had. How that happened I will never know, but I am not one to question airline fate. Immediately headed over to the MGM to run into the man himself, Suga Rashad Evans, and join him for his evening workout.


Despite the large amount of fans here at the MGM, Rashad was able to maneuver his way to the workout room easily. Head down, earphones in. I think everyone could tell that he was a man with something on his mind and somewhere he needed to be.



Rashad working with coach Henri Hooft.


Despite cutting weight, he still had time to bust out into a little dance. Josh Koscheck behind him did not appear to be in the dancing spirit. Hey, sometimes it hits you, sometimes it doesn't.



After his workout he was off to a movie, a nice two hour break from all the fight stuff that comes along with a fight week, especially in Vegas.

The weigh ins are tomorrow, and I will be back with shots from all the festivities aka a bunch of dudes miserable because I'm drinking water in front of them while eating a sandwich.


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