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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    No rest this morning. We will feast on victories.




    And don't forget, Black Friday sales all weekend!


  • Buddy Lee goes through a jump rope workout with the Blackzilians

    Buddy Lee came by the gym one more time, to walk the guys through a typical jump rope workout, while also showing off some of his moves. Check it out!


  • Buddy Lee, jumping rope and taking names.

    After a nice weekend in New York City shooting at Glory 12, I came home to Florida and who was at our gym but none other than Buddy Lee, showing Rashad Evans some moves.

    Watch the video below of him putting on a quick performance.






  • You can rest later.




    Will we see you in the cage again soon, Mr. Evans?



  • Basically a PPV every Wednesday

    On Wednesday mornings, we all gather around the cage and watch as new fresh men are rotated in to beat up their friend to make him better.

    CM3R2659 CM3R2666

    Basically this is set up to mimic fight night, with 5 minute rounds and coaches yelling instruction.

    CM3R2671Abel Trujillo (fighting 12/14 at UFC on Fox) & Michael Johnson (fighting 12/28 at UFC 168)CM3R2683 CM3R2689Kamaru Usman v Abel

    I pretty much get to see PPV level fights for free, with the best seat in the house.

    No Bruce Buffer though.

    You win some, you lose some.


  • Rashad Evans does not care about your days off

    He does not want your days off.

    Not even 3 days after defeating Chael Sonnen at UFC 167 in Vegas, Rashad Evans was back in the gym to help Anthony Johnson get ready for his fight with Mike Kyle at WSOF.

    CM3R2362 CM3R2375 CM3R2529 CM3R2537

    Luckily for Rashad, he decided to return for Kenny Monday's wrestling class, which is a walk in the park.

    If the park was operated by an Olympic gold medalist wrestler that likes to put guys through 8 rounds of brutal non stop wrestling.

    That's one heck of a park.


    Welcome back, Suga.



    Every once in awhile, I learn something new and it shocks my foundation. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm not the brightest bulb in the batch and I learn something new all the time. But tonight, Eddie Alvarez (who refuses to take a break after winning the Bellator LW Championship and is still in the gym working out) told me that in Japan, his nickname is "Monster Kid."

    So you mean to tell me Eddie has been sitting on that gem of a nickname this whole time?

    I'm bringing back Monster Kid. Be ready.



    Gonna be a busy few weeks here, as we have Junior Killer, Abel Trujillo, Michael Johnson, Guto Inocente, & Siyar Bahadurzada fighting before the year is over.

    And last but certainly not least, Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, facing Mike Myle at WSOF in Vancouver, CAN.

    CM3R2256 CM3R2271 CM3R2274

    Unlike Eddie and Monster Kid, AJ has had the Rumble nickname for awhile. It's well deserved.

    But it's no Monster Kid.


  • A very successful weekend in Las Vegas.

    Our main man, "Suga" Rashad Evans was victorious over Chael Sonnen.



    You can pick up Rashad's walk out shirt HERE


    Tyron Woodley scored a huge knockout win over Josh Koscheck. Tyron's Vale Tudo shorts HERE


    And Gian Villante defeated Cody Donovan by TKO. Gian's Resurgence shorts HERE

    Great job, guys!

    Photos: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports


  • UFC 167 weigh ins

    The fun time is fight night, but they make their money at the weigh ins. They went off without a hitch for Rashad, who woke up Friday morning practically on weight.


    Pick up Rashad's walkout shirt HERE


    Chael and Rashad appear to be all smiles with Ariel Helwani, but once that cage door closes, it's all business.


    GSP takes a look out over the cage where he is set to defend his title.


    Packed house at MGM for the UFC 167 weigh ins.


    Good luck to Rashad!


  • UFC 167 is just days away...

    Landed in Vegas this afternoon after, amazingly, the best 5+ hr flight I have ever had. How that happened I will never know, but I am not one to question airline fate. Immediately headed over to the MGM to run into the man himself, Suga Rashad Evans, and join him for his evening workout.


    Despite the large amount of fans here at the MGM, Rashad was able to maneuver his way to the workout room easily. Head down, earphones in. I think everyone could tell that he was a man with something on his mind and somewhere he needed to be.



    Rashad working with coach Henri Hooft.


    Despite cutting weight, he still had time to bust out into a little dance. Josh Koscheck behind him did not appear to be in the dancing spirit. Hey, sometimes it hits you, sometimes it doesn't.



    After his workout he was off to a movie, a nice two hour break from all the fight stuff that comes along with a fight week, especially in Vegas.

    The weigh ins are tomorrow, and I will be back with shots from all the festivities aka a bunch of dudes miserable because I'm drinking water in front of them while eating a sandwich.


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