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  • Yahoooooooo!

    Nice feature on Yahoo of Jaco sponsored fighter, Ryan Benoit.


    Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 1.31.22 PM


  • Quite the weekend!

    Big congratulations to Abel Trujillo & Kamaru Usman, who were both victorious this weekend. A nice early holiday gift for the team.

    We may be biased, but nice TEE, Abel.

    Ok, and HAT.

    Bbg-uSoCIAEEhmfBbgSkYrCMAUgmL8Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 12.40.57 PM

    Thanks to ChavoPix for the Usman photo.


  • Tipping you off


    JZ Cavalcante & Jake Bonacci, while filming their Tip of the Week segment, which can be found right there to the right of this beautiful blog. Updated every week! Even holidays!

    Yes, even holidays.

    I need a vacation.



  • Thank you ladies!

    Big thank you to the ladies of Jaco BJJ at Jaco HTC for showing off their fantastic skill & their wonderful Jaco Performance Gis. (Available HERE)

    CM3R8124 CM3R8139 CM3R8152 CM3R8194 CM3R8310 CM3R8340


  • Jaco on 2 wheels

    A big thank you to our friends over at Stradalli Cycle for sending us this photo of top Colombian pro cyclist Cesar Grajales in our Overspray tee, alongside Amy Good & the legend Greg Lemond.



  • *ring ring* Hi, UFC here, is Sean Soriano available?

    Big congrats to Sean Soriano, who will be making his UFC debut against Kawajiri in Singapore.

    Story HEREĀ 

    CM3R7322 CM3R7407

    Big call to get for a young man, but I know Sean is up to it. Way to go buddy!


  • Chris Pine on set for "Stretch"

    Apparently, being a major motion picture star has its perks. I saw these photos today and I immediately stormed into the Jaco offices.

    "Why don't I have my own track suit?!"

    Are you starring in a major motion picture, Ryan?


    And then security escorted me out of the building.

    But a big congrats to Chris Pine for looking so dapper on set in his Jaco track suit. I'm jealous. (And for starring with Brooklyn Decker, but that's a whole seperate blog post.) The movie is set for release in May, 2014.

    And any Hollywood producers out there, I'm ready for my close up.

    article-2365232-1AD58B15000005DC-104_634x821 article-2365232-1AD58B99000005DC-803_634x468 article-2365232-1AD58BAB000005DC-158_634x919 article-2365232-1AD589D2000005DC-454_634x970 Chris Pine Jaco


  • Hockey Night in Florida

    Hockey isn't just for Canadians or states that actually get snow.

    While we are dealing with sunshine and possibly wearing a light hoodie, we can't forget it is still winter and it is hockey season.

    A big thank you to the Florida Panthers for having Rashad come out to check out a game against the Penguins. Apparently Rashad is not good luck, as the Panthers lost.

    Way to go, Suga.

    photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

    Then we headed back to Rashad's place to watch the TUF Finale. Romeo was not pleased with all the commercials.

    photo 5


  • Congratulations to Tom "Stoneface" Niinimaki!

    Big congrats to our friendĀ Tom Niinimaki, victorious at the TUF Finale in Vegas. He faced Rani Yahya, who is an absolute jiu jitsu beast. Tom held his own and really proved himself in his first UFC fight.

    Video from MMA Junkie

    Video Interview from MMA Fighting

    CM3R5724 CM3R5744


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