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And so it begins...

Yo! It's your boy Ryan Loco, and welcome to the all new Jaco Clothing blog.

Basically I sat down and said, you know what, we have way too much cool stuff going on every day and there is no reason I shouldn't take it upon myself to educate the masses. Yes you can follow both Jaco and myself on Twitter and Instagram(here & here), but limited to 140 characters or 1 filtered photo sometimes won't cut it.

What have you missed these last few days?

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Eddie Alvarez won the Bellator lightweight title in an amazing five round battle with Michael Chandler. Gotta say, the belt does look nice here in the gym. (And Eddie's shirt is nice too)

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Ryan LaFlare, Cezar Mutante and Vitor Belfort all were victorious at UFC Fight Night 32. The topper being Vitor's big head kick finish over Dan Henderson, a man who NEVER gets knocked out.

CM3R2020 copy

Gilbert Durinho, seen above punching your friend and mine, Eddie Alvarez, won gold at the No Gi jiu jitsu championships in California.

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And finally, "Suga" Rashad Evans put on the finishing touches for his fight this weekend against Chael Sonnen at UFC 167. (Walkout tee available HERE) Speaking of UFC 167, I am on my way to Vegas tomorrow, and will be updating this blog with photos from all the festivities.

Time to rest up, nice five hour flight tomorrow. The things I do for you guys. Sheesh.


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