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  • 5 Post-Holiday Weight Loss Tips

    CM3R8979Bryn Lewis; Fitness and Conditioning Coach, Nutritionist

    During the holiday season many of us tend to overindulge in our favorite foods which are more often than not unhealthy and this is usually combined with lots of alcoholic beverages.  However, this is increase in your calorie intake can lead to you feeling sluggish afterward your holiday and this is a platform for some ‘short term’ weight gains.

    Yes, that is right short term weight gains because when you have finished celebrating you need to get back onto the horse and detox your body.  By following these five simple steps you will detox your body and increase your metabolism, so that you are burning off those extra calories that put into your body. By using these simple remedies straight after your holiday and you will start to see some weight loss results pretty quickly because your body will be in a healthy cleansed state. Here goes........

    1.Say Hello to Your Liver!

    You probably forget about your liver but its health is absolutely vital to you losing the weight that you have just gained. Your liver is the brain organ of the body and it helps to remove toxins, breakdown fats and to regulate the fat burning hormones. Therefore, when you overload your liver during your holidays it can cause an excess of toxins to build up and this can lead to inflammation in the body and weight gain. If the liver is working to its capacity when breaking down all of the beverages and food that you have consumed without any rest bite; then it begins to store body fat especially around the abdominal area.

    The solution is to flush out your liver with some milk thistle or Oil of Oregano. In addition, you can add some fresh lemon in 500 milliliters of hot water and drink it with every meal.

    2. Detox Your Kidneys

    To run effectively your body needs you drink the right amount of water on a daily basis. Everything within your body runs more sluggishly and not as effectively when in adequate water has been taken on board. One of water’s main roles is to boost blood flow to your cells and major organs within the body; this increases oxygen delivery and helps with the removal of the dreaded toxins.  The kidneys can hold onto these toxins and this can cause weight gain and some lifestyle illnesses. Ideally you should be drinking half of your bodyweight in water and at a minimum 2 litres per day, even when you are not training. In addition, water enhances your metabolism because your body has to warm it up to digest it and this process boosts your fat burning potential.

    3.Kick-start Your Gut Health

    We have millions of healthy bacteria in our guts which are essential for weight loss and for boosting your metabolism. Each of these bacteria has a different role and some can impact on the appetite regulating hormones e.g. ghrelin. Ghrelin controls the cravings that make you hungry and this increases your appetite. Therefore, healthy guts have higher levels of ghrelin and this also helps to keep your blood sugars within a healthy range and stop you from feeling hungry.

    To maintain a healthy gut drink a pro biotic yoghurt drink; research has indicated that this strategy can boost your healthy live bacteria in your gut and this improves your overall gut health. An improvement in your gut health can speed up carbohydrate and fat absorption. This can lead to improved insulin control and a quick reduction in your body weight. A key point to remember is that high levels of insulin can be catalyst for your body to store fat!

    4. Switch to Omega 3-s

    Omega-3s are found in foods such as fatty fish, olive oils, nuts and flax seeds. Omega-3s are high in the Mediterranean style of high fat diet and are pivotal in regulating the T3 and T4 thyroid hormones. These hormones boost your metabolism and this helps your body to burn those additional calories that you have consumed. Research has indicated that these types of fat lower leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone made by the adipose tissue; it helps to regulate appetite and energy balance within the body. It stimulates the hypothalamus to reduce food intake and increases the use of energy, in the form of calories. This all good news for blasting off these few pounds that you have gained during your holidays!

    Introduce Some Green Tea into the Equation

    Green tea is a relatively cheap metabolism booster and it is a great substitute for tea and coffee. In addition, you don’t have to add milk or sugar for taste and this helps you to control your calorie intake. You will surprised by how many calories we actually consume when drinking certain fluids e.g. a small glass of wine is around 100 calories. The active ingredient in green tea is the ‘epicatechins’ and it these components that help the body to burn fat. So next time you switch the kettle on; don’t reach for the coffee but try some green tea indeed. You will be surprised how tasty it actually is!





  • 5 Winter Training Survival Tips

    CM3R6249 Bryn Lewis; Fitness and Conditioning Coach, Nutritionist

    Don’t become lazy because winter is on its way and you can’t be bothered to go outside to train. Here are some top tips to keep you motivated in those bitter winter temperatures and to help you to lace up your running shoes making you to ready to go.  Yes the drop in temperature combined with the threat of frost bite and black ice are barriers to you lacing up your training shoes ready for the off. But like most barriers with the right equipment and knowledge you can either go around them or through them. These top tips will ensure that you will keep your fitness levels up during the winter months and when you begin ‘spring’ training you are in top shape and ready to hit the ground running.

    Some Interesting Points

    If you are carrying an extra few pounds than you should be, training in the winter can help you to shift them. Research has indicated that exercising in colder conditions can increase your body’s ability to burn calories because the body has to expend additional calories to keep you warm. In addition, training in the cold can increase your body’s capacity to use oxygen and regular work outs can increase your running speed by up to 30%. So what are you waiting for? Please read on for some top tips….

    1) Dress Warm but Not Too Warm

    When you go outside to start off with you will feel cold. However, don’t over dress because you will over heat and this can lead to dehydration and dizziness. You should dress in clothes that are 10 degrees warmer than the outside temperature and you should never over heat during the warm up part of the session.

    Dressing in layers is vital for you to train comfortably and must be able to disperse heat without becoming dehydrated and/or overheating.  The following are some recommended products from the JACO clothing range that will enable you to train effectively throughout the winter months:

    • Hat: a huge amount of heat is lost unnecessarily through the head invest in a ‘Tenacity FlexFit Cap’ to stop this from happening.
    • Training Top: invest in a ‘Jaco Performance V Neck’ which is made from 60% Rayon and 40% from Cotton. This slim fit top is durable, breathable and very comfortable.
    • Jacket: invest in a ‘Warm up Jacket’ as this keeps the heat in and pulls the moisture out. In addition, there are front welt pockets to keep your hands warm and thumb holes to lock your wrists into position.
    • Bottoms- buy some ‘Warm up Pants’ as they are 100% polyester and can be worn stylishly in most winter training conditions.
    • Socks- invest in some ‘Bamboo Training Socks’ as they are made from 75% Rayon and 25% spandex. This makes them feel soft, wicks moisture and keeps your feet warm and odor free.

    2) Go Easy

    If you lose sight of why you love training in the kick arse high intensity summer months; then use the winter sessions to get your mojo back.  For athletes who train all year around, winter is an excellent time to build up the stamina base needed for the rest of the season.  In terms of training don’t have set routine that solely concentrates on pace and/or intensity. Instead focus on goals that are easily achievable e.g. one month, run 4 times a week for 35 minutes and the next run 4 times a week for one hour. Your body can’t train at high intensities throughout the whole year it does need a break to prevent over training. Therefore use the time wisely to build up a solid fitness platform for the spring.

    3) Extend Your Warm Up

    In the winter months you should take longer to warm up than in the summer months. This strategy will help your muscles to ease into your training session and should prevent tears and/or pulls. If you usually warm up for 10 minutes, then add an additional 5 minutes before you are working at your desired intensity. At the start of the session your body will be cold and stiff so start off with a gentle walk, then ease to jog and build up into a medium paced run. Remember that your body needs time to adapt to the decrease in temperatures and if you warm up properly you will last the winter months without crying off with injuries!

    4) Be Aware of your Surroundings

    When training outside in the winter you should always be 100% switched on and totally aware of your surroundings. Don’t get too absorbed with the playlist on your ipod, as your mind should be focusing on any potential injury hazards e.g. black ice or slushy snow. When these potential hazards arise you should be alert to the changes in terrain and shorten your stride pattern and length. Running through these conditions can build up leg stamina and change your route frequently to keep your mind alert and fresh. When training in the dark always be seen and use a reflective vest and a head lamp. This will keep you on your pre-planned training route and will also enable you to see any potential dangers ahead.

    5) Invest in Some New Training Shoes

    Your summer training shoes will not provide you with enough traction to run through slush and ice. It doesn’t matter how mentally switched on you are sometimes you will not see the black ice and boom over you go onto your wrists or elbows. This will put you back big time in terms of your fitness goals and this can be avoided by some degree by investing in the right footwear. You should invest in footwear that has a thick tread as this increases traction.

    They may be heavier but that doesn’t matter as you should not be preforming high intensity training. Prevention is definitely better than the cure when it comes to contact/collision injuries in the winter months!